The act of gift giving has been an integral part of society and human nature for as long as we can remember; for centuries in fact and continues to create memories, magic and wonder to this day.

The most known and profound instance of gift giving can be attributed to the three wise men bringing baby Jesus special gifts on the night he was born (the only thing missing was Grand Finale to expertly wrap them!).

The passing on of joy in the shape of presents still holds a symbolic place in the world thousands of years later.

From the first flutter of excitement as a loved one hands you a thoughtfully wrapped present, to the full blown euphoria on Christmas morning as a child tears open their wonderfully mysterious packages with delight.

Why do we give gifts?

In ancient cultures offerings were given in exchange for peace, protection and food or to maintain an even keel. Today, however, there are numerous reasons why people give gifts all over the world, including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas and other special occasions.

The act itself symbolises love, appreciation and affection, (and sometimes apologies!) or the best one …..Just because……

It remains true for many, that the excitement of choosing the perfect gift for a loved one and presenting it to them in the most beautiful way, warms your heart but equally receiving a beautifully wrapped gift shows you’re worth the effort; in some instances although we may not like the ‘gift’ very much, it’s the thought that counts and that’s what the true essence of giving and presenting a stunning gift is all about.

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